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All courses on are going for N2000 each (about 90% off – no additional fees), plus free Certificate of Completion. We have courses on Management, HRM, Supply Chain, Finance and Accounting, Project Management, Leadership Study, Procurement, Operations and Production, Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Cloud Computing, and many more courses which can help you to upskill and position yourself in the recruitment market. See all the online courses we have here.

DoviLearn offers high-quality online courses for microlearning. You can take your classes with your smartphone, tablet or personal computer, and you can study at your own time and convenience (self-paced). These courses are already deployed on our portal –, once you enrol, you will get instant access. The courses on DoviLearn are instructed by global industry leaders and has been used to train millions of professionals globally.

✔️ Improve your skills with our online courses

✔️ Over 70 online courses to choose from
✔️ You can complete an online course in one day, self-paced 
✔️ Learn from global industry leaders
✔️ Earn a free Certificate of Completion to boost your career

✔️ You will have 1-year access to the course
✔️ Reference your DoviLearn Certificate of Completion in your CV 
✔️ Increase your chances of getting your dream job

Take action now to improve your skills and distinguish yourself in the job market. Visit to begin.

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